Freelance Photographer

I was born in London and am now based in Richmond.

With an actress for a mother and a scriptwriter for a father, I often found myself dragged around film sets as a child. I was always drawn towards the camera crews as they had so much lovely shiny kit to play with. I wanted to be one of them.

Once I realised that an Arri Alexa was probably beyond the reach of my pocket money, I saved up instead for my first DSLR. With help and advice from brilliant photographers like Joss Barratt and Jillian Edelstein, I started to take my own still pictures and to explore the world through a lens. By the time I was sixteen I had begun to assist Alan Strutt on shoots and my love of photography was confirmed. 

Since then I've taken pictures for publication in magazines and newspapers and supplied work for websites and branding too. My work has covered everything from Celebrity Portraiture, to Luxury Interior Design and Bespoke Diamond Jewellery.



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